Food Van Service

for our street friends

Astha’s dream is for no one to sleep empty stomach. To achieve this dream Astha is planning to launch a food van. We expect to reach the hungry with their last meal of the day, operating Monday till Friday each week. We will continue to run our Saturday food service fortnightly and the food van will be an additional service.

Astha’s food van will provide meals (inclusive of food, water and drinks) for homeless and needy. During winter we will carry hot drinks and in summer cold drinks will be served. The van will operate in and around the city targeting the homeless populated in Central, Redfern, Townhall and Wynard. Astha’s night van will also be serving and delivering food to people who are at the verge of homelessness and will try to support them in any manner possible.

Astha is looking for opportunities to partner with individuals and restaurants to feed the homeless and any support in any form will be appreciated.

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Astha is a registered charity. Any donations above $2 are tax deductible.

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Every year, hundreds of dedicated individuals, school kids, community groups and businesses donate their time and expertise to Astha Limited, finding a way give back to the community and to make a difference.