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While food service has always remained our top priority,  we would often notice the need for clean clothing and hygiene amongst homeless people, especially during winter when sleeping rough in the city and surrounding areas. We cannot imagine a day in winter without warm clothes or blanket to be able to sleep and the sight of homeless people without a blanket or warm piece of clothing is heart wrenching.

One of our volunteer have crossed paths with a lady travelling inter-state and who had lost her bag of clothes and blankets that she was dependent on to spend the night at the Central station. The volunteer immediately went to a nearby shop and brought her two blankets so she can spend the night comfortably. We then met her next morning and donated a couple of clothes so she could journey back home safely. She may have not been a homeless but certainly a needy one.

This gesture from our volunteer encouraged our dedicated team to continue to donate used and new clothing, blankets, pillows, quilts, hats, scarves, shoes and socks to the homeless and needy. To improve their hygiene, Astha also donates shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, dental kits, tissues, deodorants, tampons and soaps.

In 2017, Astha supplied over 1,000 units of used and new clothing, 100 blankets, 50 pillows and 10 pairs of shoes and over 150 daily essentials and hygienic products to the homeless and needy.

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Every year, hundreds of dedicated individuals, school kids, community groups and businesses donate their time and expertise to Astha Limited, finding a way give back to the community and to make a difference.