Free Food Service

for our street friends

Astha currently holds a free meals for homeless service on a fortnightly basis. We serve under central station at 470 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Free meals for homeless man

Our objective is to provide relief such as food, water, clothing, blankets and daily essentials to homeless and people in need.

Free Meals for homeless

The drive started by distributing 10 dinner boxes to homeless people on the street of Sydney in January 2017. Their happy faces motivated us to continue our journey for another three weeks. Our main focus was to feed homeless and less fortunate people staying in tents around central station area.

Thereafter on every fortnightly Saturdays we serve meals underneath the Central Station. Astha’s team started only by distributing food to 30 homeless and hungry people. Astha has now progressed to serve more than 120 homeless people. Astha’s continuous efforts got wings when families and friends provided more support. With their help, we have now also started distributing ready to eat canned food, warm clothes including hats, shoes, socks, quilts and pillows.

In winter, Astha serves hot drinks like soups, tea and coffee and cookies and in summer cold drinks like soft drinks and juices are served.

Astha starts canned food drive

We soon realised that for a plenty of homeless people, Astha’s service was their first meal of the day. Therefore, to combat the situation, Astha started serving canned food such as noodle cups, pack of canned soups, tuna, tuna with crackers, spaghetti,

If you cannot feed 100 people then just feed one

baked beans. Canned food drive was very well received. The feedback we received from one of the homeless man Mark was – “You not only provide us with warm meals for today but for the days to come.


Our religion is humanity

We do not discriminate while serving food if someone is homeless or not. Our inspiration is Shirdi Sai Baba as he is our Guru, we follow his preaching that everyone is equal. In other words, he believed in feeding the hungry in his lifetime and we are just trying to follow his path. We are not promoting any religion or Sai Baba with this service. We are not associated with any temple or religious organization for this service.

Astha currently has more than 100 volunteers in support for this service. The support comes in the form of donations in cash and kind. Astha encourages donation of non-perishable canned food which is not expired

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for our street friends
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Astha continues to grow and marks it’s footprints in this world of sharing. Above all, we need your support to serve more and more homeless and less fortunate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Donations above $2 are tax deductible

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Join our team of volunteers

Every year, hundreds of dedicated individuals, school kids, community groups and businesses donate their time and expertise to Astha Limited. Some people believe this is a way to give back to the community and to make a difference.